Saturday, April 6, 2013


We are getting SO close!  Things are looking great.  We have the siding up,  hardie board/cement board ... we still need to paint it.  We have the porch decking on, Fiberon compsite decking with a vinyl covering, I LOVE IT!   We have the soffit on the porch, a beautiful tongue and grove pine that we'll stain to match the porch.  And the sheet rockers will finish putting up the boards today.  They will start taping it on Monday.  We have had wonderful subs all along the way and still feeling VERY blessed!  I tried to take pictures of the interior but it wasn't working SO I will take you on a video tour of the house (The video links are below).

First here's a picture of the exterior of the house and the porch.

And here's the video tour (I had to break it up into three different videos) ... I apparently can't video, talk, and walk at the same time.  I messed up a couple of times with to the left (and then went right, lol).  But you will get the idea :)  Just click on the link to see the movie.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Heaven on Earth!

Here we are today!  The house is closed in (we just need to get the tyvex on).  The framers have one more day, the HVAC guy has been in and is getting things set up, Cody is framing out the faux beams on the interior, my windows and doors are in place, and we will be roofing the house the week after Christmas ... and I am IN HEAVEN!  I drive past and get butterflies (it's like we are dating!)  I stand in the house and just want to stay forever.  I look out the upstairs windows and am in awe of the beauty!  This place has always had a special place in my heart, we would come visit and I would just say, this is my heaven on earth.  This is my favorite place to be and now I get to be there forever!  I get to live the dream and I am feeling VERY blessed!  From a great husband who is letting me build my dream house down to the last board, and to a Heavenly Father who blesses us with good weather, great subs and financial peace.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I promise, we are building a house.

US Bank likes to keep tabs on where we are at in the building process to make sure the money we are taking out is actually going to the subs/materials we say they are.  So~ they have me sending pictures to go along with each draw.  So~ here was the latest draw and the pictures I took (you can get a look at the inside of the home this way.)

Let it SNOW!

We got the house dried in JUST in the nic of time!  Like literally two hours after the roofers left it snowed for two days straight.  Again, BLESSED!

Next stop, closed in ... windows and doors on.  At this point some of our doors were there (one of the french doors had broken glass due to a wind storm that blew it over, thank heavens that was the only thing that broke and Colonial Lumber replaced the glass for free).

Starting to take shape.

I am so lucky to have a great husband who knows how to get things done!  This house is "flying" up (as we have been told by those same people who keep asking us what was taking so long when we were waiting on the county and US Bank).  We have some great framers who are making sure all the details are covered and have been here EVERY weekday getting it done.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here is the overbuild over the front door.

Dormers built.

Oh I love it :)

Rooms with a view.

Since the 2nd floor is going in the trusses we have BIG dormers that come out (each one of the dormers is a bedroom except for one that will house the stair way).  It was fun to see the house that we had been looking at on paper for almost a year actually start to take shape!

Up to this point we had been really lucky with the weather.  This is December and we had a few snow storms and occasional rain but overall we have been VERY blessed with decent weather.  But look at that mud!  The workers are going home with inches of clay/mud on their shoes.  The cement trucks that poured the foundation got stuck and had to pull each other out!  No wonder we had to monitor our water ... pretty high water table, glad we didn't do a basement.

Sheets of snow!

Our biggest push with the county near the end was to get our house dried in.  PLEASE let us start building our house! We wanted to get started, get going, get building!  So~ when the snow started to come we were VERY anxious to get it "dried in".  Cody had me painting water sealant on the sub floor so that it wouldn't get ruined or squeak (I don't know if Cody hates anything more than a squeaky floor, I am sure there is, I just can't think of it now, lol).  We spent Thanksgiving day as a little family putting tar on the foundation and roasting marsh mellows on the wood pile.

We needed a roof!  Here's some pictures of the framers working in the cold and snow getting the sheeting going.

I have to admit, my favorite part up to this point was seeing the porch posts go up!  I am SO grateful to a husband who despite the cost is letting me have my DREAM of a wrap around porch that goes around the entire house!  It makes me giddy like the little girl inside me who dreamed about it!  I sure love him ;)

Trusses ... The waiting game

The trusses were supposed to be delivered one day ... they came two days later.  The crane for the trusses was supposed to come one day ... it came 3 days later.  Every day I would drive by (I am sure the framers think I am crazy!) and I would check to see ... so I was SO excited to finally see the trusses going up.  The second floor will actually be in the trusses.


They say home is where the heart is ... I CAN NOT wait until we are there too!

The framers started ... our first "hired" help!  One story down ... one more to go!

Foundation + Foundation

Because we decided to do a wrap around porch around the ENTIRE HOUSE we decided that the best way to accomplish this was to do pretty much 2 foundations.  One for the house and one for the porch. We could do spot footings for the porch but we worried about critters getting under the porch and dealing with that all of our days, so we spent the extra $2000+ and did a complete foundation for the porch.  Again Cody and his family and friends worked their TAILS off and poured 84 yards of concrete in one day (the house will have a craw space so they not only poured two foundations they poured the subfloor for the craw space so we can use it as storage!)  WHAT MEN!  I can not express how grateful I am for hard working men.  This is a picture of them putting up the forms.  I can't find any of them actually pouring or taking down the forms (which they did in the rain and MUD) ... but you get the idea ~ AWESOME MEN!

The house saga ... let it begin!!!! PLEASE!

Where to begin ... (I by NO means will be trying to go back 4 years and catch this blog up) I will use this blog to post about the progress of our house adventure :)

In August 2011 we started this LONG process of building a new home in Liberty.  It has included 6 months monitoring water with Weber Health, 4 moves, 139 days dealing with Weber County creating a new "subdivision" (every time you divide property in un-incorporated Weber County you have to create a subdivision), and an amazingly long construction loan process including signing our construction loan papers on Sunday at a Wendy's fast food restaurant!  BUT~ we made it!  Hooray and on Halloween 2012 we poured our footings!  Hooray!  Cody, his dad, brother Chad, and some friends did a great job and got 'er done (as Cody would say it).  Best Halloween EVER!

Hey! Look at that!

I was going to make a new blog to post about the home building process but HEY ... look at that ... I already have like 1800 blogs, lol~ why create a new one!?!?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kid's Say the Darndest things . . . and classic grandpa.

First short story. Little Katie said to me today . . ."Mom can we keep Abby forever and EVER????" ha ha ha. Too Cute! (Of course I told her yes). Then we were at the gas station (filling up to finish mowing the lawn) when she said, "I want a kid, not a toy kid, a real kid". I said, "we have a kid . . . we have Abby" she said "no Abby is a baby . . . I want a kid." And lastly, we (well I) was watching the tale end of a tevo'd soap opera (horrible I know) when Katie walked in to see a couple kissing. She then said, "hey they are kissing and biting" ha ha ha. And because I laughed she decided to say more, "kissing and biting and knuckle and five" (knuckle is the thing you do when you put your hand in a fist and bump knuckles together with someone and five is . . . well, a high five). Apparently these are all ways of showing affection to another human being. (Minus the Biting Part!)

Second funny story.
I LOVE Cody's grandpa Don, but I tell you what he is a saver like I have never seen. He is known to keep things long after their "due" date and try to make something out of pretty much nothing (or other people's trash). So . . . with that being said. Onto the story . . . Cody and His Dad had been haulin' hay and stopped by to drop Grandpa off when he offered them to come in and have some cherry pie that he made "all by himself". Cody was weary but he followed his dad and enjoyed a semi-decent piece of cherry pie. Then his dad asked Grandpa, "so you really made it all by yourself, crust and everything?" This is when grandpa smiles and says, "do you wanna know where I got the crust?" (Cody is saying NO in his mind, but biting his tongue.) Grandpa continues to tell them that he went and bought a 99 cent pumpkin pie . . . and ATE the pumpkin out of it, then refilled the crust with cherry, to make this yummy pie, they had just enjoyed!!!! Oh MY! I love ya grandpa, that's classic!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Knock Knock . . . who's there?

Katie: "Knock Knock"
Mom: "Who's there?"
Katie: "Horse"
Mom: "Horse Who?"
Katie: "Horse stuck in the mud".

Katie: "Knock Knock"
Mom: "Who's there?"
Katie: "Sheep"
Mom: "Sheep Who?"
Katie: "Sheep stuck in the mud."

long delay . . . maybe even 10 minutes . . .

Katie: "Knock Knock"
Mom: "Who's there?"
Katie: "Horse"
Mom: "Horse Who?"
Katie: "Horse stuck with sheep"

he he he, One of Katie's favorite things right now is knock knock jokes. Most of them don't make a lot of sense (other than the interrupting cow joke) but she put a lot of thought into this one.

Katie also has been asking me all sorts of questions these days. It all started with a story I told her about when she was little. I used to take her for bike rides in the little trailer and we would stop and get the mail. When we got a magazine in the mail, she would pretend to read it in the back seat. My little old lady (I think she was two). She also sat on the little potty and read a magazine (not sure who she got this from, he he he). So now she gets the cutest little look on her face and says, "tell me more about when I was a baby." Too cute (I had to document the face.)


And then there's the neighbors. We just got new neighbors on the west of us. I am happy there is actually people living in the big empty house now. A lot of the houses up here just sit. BUT . . . now they are building a house on the East side :( I do love people, but it sure was fun to have all the wide open space. We went out and took pictures of the "hole" that they just started to dig yesterday (note the fabulous dirt we have up here! Can you say rocks and clay???) Katie wanted to be sure to have her picture taken with the dirt . . . what a girl.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ok, let's try this again :)

Alright, I am going to try this again. Hopefully things will slow down and we can get everything back in order. Here's our "christmas letter" update, ha ha ha!

Cody is working in Payson building a Walgreens (yes that's a two and a half hour drive ONE WAY!) But he is almost done. When he's not at work he's either watching kids for me (so I can go take pictures) or he's working in the yard (YAY for a YARD!)

Ann is still BUSY with photography and trying to get the studio all fabulous. I just got my window signage yesterday (haven't seen it yet, but know it's there) The past month or so have been a little crazy health-wise so we are trying to slow things down and get healthy! (We also downloaded a 62 page e-book on how to "guarantee" having a baby boy, ha ha ha!) I have found it very relaxing to work in the yard.

Holly (Cowgirl) is growing up so fast! I can't believe she will be eleven in August. She is in 4H down in Hooper and is loving it. We got to go down there last week and it was fun to watch her learning. She also just received a FREE lagoon day pass for taking some brownies and flowers to a neighbor who lost TWO dogs (I would love to claim this was my idea, but I LOVE IT EVEN MORE THAT IT WAS HER IDEA!) So the neighbor girl bought her a Lagoon pass to thank her. I am so proud of her :)

Katie (Princess) is still a princess. She is taking antibiotics for an ear infection and hasn't complained once about her ear hurting?!?!? She got her kindergarten shots (even though she won't start for another year and a half) and keeps reminding me that she cried but she got band-aids. She turned four on April Foul's Day and loves her new princess bike (she rides it all over the house).

Abby (Baby) is HILARIOUS! She is such a mellow kid (attitude wise) but when it comes to just sitting back and chilling - there's not a mellow bone in her body. She does a little shoulder dance that is so cute (we MUST purchase a video camera for this). She has eight teeth and a new crib (due to a horrible "overflow" accident in her crib).

We love life and hope to remember (just like my mom says) THESE ARE THE GOOD TIMES! Summer - - - bring it on!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Blog Wagon . . .

Ok so I have completely fallen' off the good ol' family blog wagon! I have to say, I haven't missed it much :) I have so much going on with my photography these days that trying to keep up three blogs is just too much! So I may be back, but don't hold your breath. I will have to keep journaling the old fashioned way with a pen and paper and maybe some day I'll get those scrapbooks printed out. In the meantime visit my photography blog or testimoments blog if you are interested to see what my life has been up to, and then there's facebook . . . I'm there :) AND I just got twitterpat'ed and joined twitter (for my business) so (oh dear!) you can view that here (join me!) TWITTER So bon voyage for now (my life really isn't that interesting anyways!) THANKS!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The little baby bean is ONE . . .

Today is baby's birthday and she is officially one year old! She turned one at 10:14 am and as I held her when the clock hit 10:14 am this morning, I can't help but remember the chaos of her birth. I am actually thinking that this moment is just a little better than that one :) To see her smiling, happy, and healthy is a great gift! We are always giving her nicknames and one of them is Abra Cadabra . . . so . . . here's her birthday party invite that I just emailed, ha ha ha . . . it was fun to make, the kids and I giggled all the way . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BEAN!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun little adds . . .

My cousin Parker Jacobs posted these videos on facebook, they are like 1970 LDS ads and they are too cute and still true . . . so enjoy . . . my cousins are in two of them . . . the little girl at 5:06 and the boy at 8:03 . . .

Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow Revisited . . .

Ok so I posted these on my "facebook" account, but I intended to post them here. As it seems like everyone has heard, we got a TON of snow up here on Tuesday. The final count was 33 inches in 24 hours. CRAZY! It is actually the first time in my life where I have felt totally and completely SNOWED IN! All the other times, it was like, ok, I shouldn't go out in it, but I could :) This was I CAN'T! It was a lot of fun to just hang with the girls and cancel anything I had going and just chill (literally). So here's the pictures from that glorious storm.

Then last night Cody and I ventured out to the great city of Wendover (note my sarcasm) for a little get away it was a lot of fun and when we came home we found that we had left our front door WIDE open! All the way! The house was freezing and the heater had been going none stop (we are so excited to see that bill). Luckily we live in the middle of nowhere and no one came in and stole our stuff :) Note to self, whenever leaving to go somewhere . . . close the door behind you.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, we are SOOOOOO excited that Dave and Kathryn had their baby early this morning! Little Cole Richards Todd came in a hurry. I'll let Dave and Kathryn do the official announcing but I am so excited to talk to them and see the newest little MAN! YAY YAY YAY!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long time no post

Ok~ so it's been a long time and no post so we will do a little update (not that there's a lot to update) but~ I have been crazy busy with my photography workshops and while they were successful (I think) I am glad they are done with. I have all sorts of ideas for "expanding" my business but am just trying to think of the right way to go about it, so we shall see :)

Hubby is working with his dad in Provo right now on a Hotel and is hating the drive, so . . . he was super excited (not) when he found out his next job will be in Payson! At least it is another Walgreen's building so he can get it done in just a few months, but we are planning on him staying out there one or two nights a week :(

Cowgirl is sick today (throwing up all night, boo) but for the most part a healthy beautiful girl. She LOVES the video game Zelda and has told us (and many other people) that she thinks Link is "dreamy". She is growing up fast and I am happy to say, really has no interest in boys :) (BIG SMILE).

Princess is a hoot, she makes us laugh continually by the things she says. She has "graduated" from the nursery and says that she is a Sun Blink now (it's supposed to be sunbeam). When she sings the song it goes like this, "Jesus wants me for a sun BLINK" (as she blinks her eyes hard). Funny Funny Girl.

Baby is just the happiest little thing ever! Her smile is the cutest thing, she has 5 teeth and will be one on February 25th. She has been sleeping all night for 4 nights now (keep our fingers crossed) now I just wish that Princess and Cowgirl would do the same, he he he. Baby is super close to walking and seems like she has been since she started to crawl but she is cautious so we still haven't made it too far. She is a little dolly who LOVES her daddy.

We love our family and are super excited for DAVE and KATHRYN to have their little man! YAY! So that's the run down for us these days and ya know life is grand.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

State Capital Crowd . . .

I was at the State Capital yesterday taking engagement pictures . . . while I was waiting for the couple to arrive I was looking around the building and I noticed something, kinda gross. I looked up and saw A TON of Barn Swallow nests under the newly remodeled building. Check it out! Now I know what these look like because they try and make them on our front porch, but we prevent it . . . BUT WOW . . . there's a lot :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pomp Pa and the Grand Babies . . .

Here's a cute picture of "Pomp Pa" (my daddy) and the grandbabies. These two little ladies are only one month apart and they love him. Ohhhhhhhh so cute!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Twelve . . . Reindeer?????

Ok so the other day I was reading a book 21 DAYS CLOSER TO CHRIST (great read I highly recommend) and there's a picture of Christ walking along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Princess was with me and started to ask who the people were in the pictures (painted by Simon Dewey). So I pointed out Jesus and then there were the fishermen. I turned the page and she said "who is that" . . . I replied, "That's Simon and Andrew" and to that she said "Where's Donner and Blitzen!" HA HA HA . . . apparently we need to work on our church history OR our Christmas Song knowledge. Either way I had a good laugh.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Post #3

Ok, so my life may not be interesting enough to post three times in one day, but hey, my kids are cute, he he he . . .
Here's the last post for the day and it's Christmas Morning.
Princess got the ever so important "Talking Doll-House" and she knew as quick as she looked under the tree which one it was. Cowgirl got an iPod (which was a total surprise as you can tell by the look on her face, LOVE IT!). As for baby, well just look at her, she got clothes :) She loves the wrapping paper though . . . Hope your holidays were happy and bright!

Christmas Post #2

So at the same party we have a pinata for the little kids and my super BRAVE/CRAZY Father in Law holds it while the kids take a swing/stab at it! There are pictures of him doing this from way back when, what a trooper! The kids went through a couple of times before someone finally broke through (they even had to enlist the "bigger" kids). My little princess got FOUR pieces of candy and thought she was in Heaven, so easily pleased.

Christmas Post #1

Ok, so to catch up for the holidays I may be doing a couple of posts. We started off the holidays with the BIG family party (at the church, yay!) We had family, food and fun, that's what it is all about right!
The kids did the Christmas Nativity and it was so cute, here's the pictures from that

I especially love the "nose-picking" shepherd.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Seriously So Blessed Give Away . . .

Ok so there are like 700 people (and counting) entering to win prizes from the glorious TAMN of Seriously so Blessed but hey, ME TOO! She has way cute stuff and is the funniest read ever! So here's my link to enter to win special prizes from the ever so righteous TAMN.
Check it out!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Tag . . .

Christmas Tag, Thanks Marissa :)

Five favorite treats during the holidays:
1. Chocolate Covered Oreos with candy cane topping - YUM!
2. Egg Nog
3. Anything the Neighbors decide to leave on my doorstep :)
4. Orange Flavored Chocolate things
5. Those little orange chocolate sticks

Five favorite Christmas movies:
1. The Christmas Story
2. The Grinch - "the original"
3. Charlie Brown Christmas
4. Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer - love the misfits
5. The California Raisins Christmas - hard to find, but funny :)

Five Traditions during the holidays:
1. Pajamas on Christmas Eve
2. Hanging socks for advent calendar and picking out an activity
3. Making Thanksgiving Plates at the Hillsteads.
4. Picking Names and Giving Gifts
5. Watching My Kids open their presents

Tag - whoever wants to spread some Christmas Cheer

Friday, December 5, 2008

Artist in the Making . . .


So you are wondering, well Ann . . . where were you??????

I was just sitting in the chair next to them, BUT they were hiding behind the chair and Princess decided to "decorate" the chair and the BABY! I love the 2nd picture where she is pointing out the blob of blue marker on baby's face. Oh my . . .

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The gift of life . . .


This is Cody's aunt Carol (on the right) and her liver donor's mother Jeri (on the left). Jeri contacted Carol after she wrote her "donor letter" and they have been friends since the first time they spoke. Jeri's son, Sebastian passed away at the young age of 16 and since Carol had lost sooooo much weight she was able to receive his liver through transplant. Sebastian was Jeri's only child and she is now alone, no parents, no siblings, no other children and Sebastian's father hasn't been around since he was two. We love her, we love her for who she is and for the strength she brings. We also love Carol and can remember all to well the days in waiting. Not hoping for someone to die, but hoping for the chance to live. We are sooooooo grateful for the ways the Lord works and know that Sebastian had things he needed to do at home and that Carol has things she needs to do here. WE LOVE YOU BOTH!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Pictures . . .

Okay so here's some pictures from our "out of the ordinary" family photo session. Thanks to Marissa Vargason for snapping the shots!

Friday, November 7, 2008

updated profile and picture

Okay so the other night we attempted to do family pictures of my own family (hard). Now I sympathize more with people whom I torture for a living. Anyways, I had the friend of mine take a couple of pictures of me for a profile picture and discovered something funny. My mom used to always say that she could tell it was me when I was playing soccer because of how I held my hands out. I notice when I drink from a glass I do funny things with my fingers AND apparently when I photograph I put my pinky out! HE HE HE, This is all I can say . . . "when in doubt pinky out!"

P.S. I'll post some of the family sometime soon :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloweenie . . .


Here's pics from Halloween, so much fun, thanks to mom and dad for letting us come down and hang out at their house so the kids could actually trick or treat (there's not a lot of it up where we live because the houses are so far apart). Also, thanks to my bro, for trying to get my car unlocked when the keys got locked in, he he he. With another thanks to the Farmington City police for finally getting it.

On to the pictures . . .
Cowgirl was a witch for trick or treating but decided that for her Halloween Brunch (put on by the cute neighbors) she wanted to be a "beat up" soccer player, she did this all on her own, even down to getting mud on her cleats and trampling over her jersey so it had marks, quite clever!
Princess was . . . well a princess! Go figure. She still has a red scalp from the hair coloring, so she wore a red dress to church to make it all match :)
Baby was a hot tamalie for the family party the Sunday before (no pics sorry) but for Halloween we decided to "spike" her hair (and Yes, that is her REAL hair) and make her a punk rocker babe. And what a scene she made (not that she doesn't always) but it was very funny. Even after a bath the hair is still standing a little taller than before.

We had fun and look forward to next year! Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2008

This is Cowgirl's post, she is the writer, keep that in mind . . .

Hello everyone ! I am going to tell you about how school is going for me. OK so to day i had an ok day today i got moved from the spot i used to sit in :.( . But i did have a good after noon I did make a pretty freaky witch! Then last Saturday we traded some Wii games for Mario Kart Wii i was pretty sad when we traded my fav game,It was called Zelda Twilight Princess.I am so :( i miss that game so much. But my friend was being pretty funny she said she give me hers for Christmas , but i told her "ok?". But we are having family home evening to night so i got to go


Kid Tag . . . Cowgirl Version

What is something that mom always says to you?
What makes mom happy?
"I don't know" sad :(
What makes mom sad?
How does your mom make you laugh?
"Say funny things"
What was your mom like as a child?
"Rat brown hair"
How old is your mom?
"29" forever!
How tall is your mom?
"5.2" (she gave me a couple inches)
What is your moms favorite thing to do?
"Get on the computer" I knew she was going to say that.
What does your mom do when you are not around?
If your mom were to become famous what would it be for?
"For her Pictures"
What is your mom really good at?
"Pictures" it's an easy answer
What is your mom not really good at?
"Mario Kart Wii" true that!
What does your mom do for her job?
What is your moms favorite food?
"Spaghetti O's" this was because we were eating them, definitely not my favorite.
What makes you proud of your mom?
"if she gets first place on Mario Kart" I suppose I am a big disappointment then :)
If your mom was a cartoon character who would it be?
"Princess Peach" Mario on the Mind!
What do you and your mom do together?
"Lots of things"
How are you and your mom the same?
How are you and your mom different?
How do you know your mom loves you?
"How she acts" ooooohhhhhhh

Thanks Cowgirl! I love you!

Kid Tag . . . Princess Version.


What is something that mom always says to you?

"Thank You" (oh what a good mom I am, he he he)
What makes mom happy?
She wouldn't speak she just kept using her fingers to pull her mouth to a smile
What makes mom sad?
Same thing as the smile, just a frown and she said, "like that".
How does your mom make you laugh?
What was your mom like as a child?
"She got married"
How old is your mom?
How tall is your mom?
She put her arms up as high as she could, and said, "like that" (and she is probably right, he he he)
What is your moms favorite thing to do?
"Fireworks" What? that was totally out of left field.
What does your mom do when you are not around?
"She Drives"
If your mom were to become famous what would it be for?
"Fireworks" again with the fireworks.
What is your mom really good at?
"The house" ??
What is your mom not really good at?
"I don't know" (that's cuz I'm great at everything, ha ha ha, or . . . she didn't understand the question)
What does your mom do for her job?
"Pictures" wow a right answer.
What is your moms favorite food?
What makes you proud of your mom?
"When she goes potty!" Ok, I must explain, when Princess goes on the Potty I say, I am so proud of you, so therefore, she tells me that she is proud of me when I go on the potty.
If your mom was a cartoon character who would it be?
"Max and Ruby"?
What do you and your mom do together?
"Hold Hands" oooohhhhhh
How are you and your mom the same?
"Twinkle Twinkle little star" I am loosing her here!
How are you and your mom different?
"A Butterfly" ????
How do you know your mom loves you?
"Hugs" well at least we ended on a good note!

Fun little tag, I'll have to try it out on Cowgirl when she gets home.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


My hubby is turning 28 today (yes I am older than him, he he he, I robbed the cradle). When he was just a wee boy he won a contest and was crowned the "Pee Wee Prince"! Isn't he darling! HA HA HA! Love it! NOW you can see where all my girls get their good looks (especially Princess, aren't they identical!) Anyways, to celebrate we are buying him a deep freezer to keep our cow meat in (and any various wildlife he kills this hunting season), LOL! This is what happens when you are old and married (and he could really just go and buy something, so you are at a loss for gifts) you start buying the things you NEED for your birthdays and call it good. HA HA HA, I am hoping for snow tires for Christmas :) The girls also picked balloons for him that say, "happy birthday princess" and another one that is purple with "Good Luck" written on it. And being the gracious wife that I am, I picked him up some Mindy Mints from Mrs. Cavanaughs (MY absolute FAVORITE). Ain't love grand!

I love you hubby and hope that you enjoy your birthday and your deep freezer.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cow People . . .

So we are now the proud owners of a cow . . . well I suppose we have been "cow owners" for a couple months now. And I am not sure proud is the right word, but we are cow owners. And further more, we are really only owners of 1/4 of a cow :) Hubby's grandpa bought a cow this spring and we are purchasing a fourth of it for meat. We are really actually excited about it, as it has been grain fed and we know what is in it. It's our way of putting a little less antibiotics and crap in our kids, via our meat. So my question is which fourth is ours, he he he. (This is not the actual picture of OUR cow, his name was T-Bone and he actually went to Cow Heaven on Friday).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Lolly POP girl!

Ok so two double posts today but those who don't check my photography blog MUST see these funnies of the baby. My hubby's job was to hold the sucker IN FRONT of her, but he let her have it! She LOVED it! I played with the vintage tinting too, kinda fun.

Temple Riders . . .

Ok so I have posted this on all of my blogs so I won't do it again here, but go to either my Photography Blog or my Testimoments Blog and see the fabulous bikes of the Temple Riders! They were so cool and came to oh and aw our youth group! And they succeeded!

Monday, September 29, 2008


So our 6 year anniversary was on Saturday (Sept. 27th) I can't believe it's been that long . . . but on the other hand I can't believe it's only been 6 years, it seems like I have know my hubby forever! (We did date for 2 years before we got married). But . . . We look so Young don't we? Well, at least he does :) I won't go all smoochy poo on you guys since he's the one I need to tell it to not you . . . but I do love him and can't wait to see what our tomorrows bring!